Census: U.S. population at 315 million

2013_01_census_1-1-2013 Source: U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau projected that the United States population was 315.1 million on New Year’s Day 2013.

The total population was 315,091,138, the Census Bureau said, an increase of 2.2 million or .73 percent, from New Year’s Day 2012.


The total is also an increase of 6.3 million, or 2.05 percent, from the most recent Census Day held April 1, 2010.

Census Bureau predictions for January 2013:

  • One birth every 8 seconds
  • One death every 12 seconds
  • One international migrant (net) every 40 seconds
  • Net gain of one person every 17 seconds

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