U.S. Census Bureau

Census Bureau shares analytics insights, not data, in pilot with IRS


The Census Bureau didn’t want to share publicly provided survey data with the IRS, lest it be used to collect taxes.

Census Bureau division chief on strategies to move operations to the cloud


Kenneth Harrison on using cloud to deliver a secure and scalable network that improves performance and builds resiliency into the Census Bureau’s nation-wide operations.

Census Bureau moving beyond surveys and censuses with cloud-based data ecosystem


The Census Acceleration to Secure Cloud modernization approach envisions an integrated system of systems for data collection, storage and processing.

Census bureau redesigns website to make it more accessible for high-frequency users


The website's main navigation bar has been redesigned to allow researchers to more easily access Census data.

Census Survey Explorer helping users find the data they need


Researchers previously had to open all 120-plus Census Bureau surveys' webpages for descriptions to find relevant data.

Census Bureau seeks small business to develop 2030 census IT strategy


The strategy is expected to build on lessons learned from 2020, when integration testing of 12 systems was delayed.