Intel Director of Federal Marketing Nigel Ballard on mobility
Nigel Ballard, director of federal marketing, Intel, discusses federal government mobility with FedScoopTV.


The executives running the federal agencies are really taking the point of view that they don’t care what device your supervisor is providing or in fact, if you’re going to bring your own device. It’s not about the platform – in fact, I’ve heard a number of them say that today. It’s not about the platform – it’s about the application and getting the job done. And if that means that people can bring in myriad different devices, then so be it. That is interesting. I don’t believe that notion is not without issue, and the issue is probably maintaining those devices on the network and making sure that all of those devices you’re letting in the network are in fact secure. That’s really the biggest thing. Now with Windows 8 comes an awful lot of Windows 8-based tablets from every manufacturer that makes PCs, laptops and ultrabooks, so there is a lot of choice. A year ago, it was the iPad, which was and is a consumer device that’s been stretched and pulled very successfully to do a lot more than it originally intended. But the iPad isn’t a multitasking device. When you ask it to do a second thing, it stops doing the first thing.

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