JIEDDO CIO Jim Craft on mobility trends

Jim Craft, chief information officer, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, discusses federal mobility trends with FedScoopTV and offers his best mobile advice.


I think there are three things that are driving federal mobility. One is a realization that finally, they’ve got to closely couple with what goes on in the commercial space. For decades, there was the “government must reinvent its own solutions ” thought or take a commercial solution and put so many onerous requirements on it that it ended up not being a commercial off-the-shelf solution but it became a commercial off-the-shelf solution converted by Frankenstein kinds of engineering to make it what it is.  In with that, the government has realized they’ve got to truly partner in a new way with industry because industry does need to do some of the things that the government needs for everyone, especially in the area of security. So the first trend is really this acknowledgement that we need to be coupled with what’s going on in the commercial space. The second thing I would say is a trend is trying to figure out how we’re going to deal with fiscal austerity – I mean, really serious austerity, not just a temporary “Congress doesn’t get along with the president” kind of austerity, but truly “we have a massive debt, we’ve got other priority challenges.”

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