EEOC CIO Kimberly Hancher on federal mobility trends
Kimberly Hancher, chief information officer, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discussed with FedScoopTV federal mobility trends and what she has learned from adopting mobility at EEOC.


Perhaps the biggest trend in federal mobility is acceptance. Federal government employees are cultured to be reckoned with, and I think it’s a matter of time and patience for us in the IT community to work with our customers, our internal users and with our executives so that we socialize the concept that work is something you do, not somewhere you go. And the concept of having the data and the systems that you need anytime and anywhere. The evolution of mobility programs in the federal space is going to be very dramatic over the next couple of years. I think that we’ll see quite a bit of settling in terms of device selection. We’ll see agencies with a portion of their community that brings their own device – and the majority with government-provided mobile devices. We’ll see security and privacy policies becoming fairly standard, depending on the risk level of the agency. And I do think that we’ll begin working on mobile applications that face our various customer constituencies, and those customer constituencies will give feedback to the development community, and we’ll learn from the first-generation of mobile applications and become better and better at developing those apps.

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