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Rethinking managed service contracts to meet modernization goals

Federal agencies have accelerated efforts to deliver on their digital transformation strategies as they continue to face increased service demands from citizens. But agencies need to make sure those transformation efforts improve the customer experience, while also delivering better mission outcomes, says Sam Kapreilian, principal, government and public services at Deloitte in a new FedScoop interview.

Kapreilian highlights how Deloitte is helping its government clients modernize systems, whether it’s migrating to the cloud, while improving user interfaces or becoming more responsive and timelier to close gaps in interacting digitally with citizens. 

He also explains how agencies should “operate to innovate,” emphasizing the importance of having stability in business operations when addressing challenges of balancing modernization with current legacy systems. 

Watch the full interview with Sam Kapreilian and learn more about how Deloitte can help you operate to innovate to drive modernization and improve citizen experience.

This video interview was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by Deloitte.