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How as-a-Service solutions support flexibility and changing IT needs

As public sector agencies continue to look for more effective ways to serve the public, more agencies are increasingly incorporating an As-a-Service model into their mainstay IT operations instead of relying only on a CapEx model. However, it can often take time for leaders to anticipate what data capabilities they will need down the line.

Mike Wiseman, vice president for America’s public sector sales at Pure Storage, recently joined Scoop News Group to highlight how as-a-Service solutions support flexibility and efficiencies to prevent next-gen threats, adapting as needs fluctuate.

“The most advantageous solutions that we’re seeing in the marketplace are those that are utilizing an as-a-service capability, as they help shift costs and augment the shortage of skills that might be needed to manage the technology and the platforms,” says Wiseman.

He also offers examples of how these types of consumption models are helping agencies lead digital transformation and maximize the power of data.

“We’re finding that with the ever-growing threat of ransom attacks and data breaches, a personalized or tailored solution with rapid recovery ensures that agencies can protect sensitive data and avoid major organizational and service delivery disruptions. By investing in agile and adaptable technology systems, we find that leaders can take an active role in prioritizing the digital shift. And by investing in solutions that maximize data security, agencies are well-positioned to advance their mission.”

Watch the interview to learn more about as-a-Service and flexible IT solutions.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and underwritten by Pure Storage.