A three-stage approach to digitizing documents and workflows


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The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) began a shift in how citizens engage with government agencies. The law requires federal agencies to replace paper-based processes with digital applications and services. And when the pandemic hit in 2020, a new urgency took shape. Not only for government services to be digital but accessible, inclusive, user-centric and mobile-friendly.

A recent report, “Achieve mission success one stage at a time,” produced by Adobe, proposes a three-stage approach to digitizing documents and workflows that can help agency leaders build upon their existing digital modernization strategies.

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Read the full report.

The guide explores how to: 

  • Create better experiences for citizens and employees by digitizing document processes
  • Secure document management with digital, signable and integrated document approval workflows
  • Streamline processes to improve agency efficiency and drive down costs
  • Simplify implementation and achieve quick wins and steady progress with a staged approach to digital document modernization

Read the full report and uncover a fresh, creative solution to solving your agency’s digital modernization challenges.

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