digital services

White House picks Cori Zarek as US Digital Service deputy administrator


Zarek served as a U.S. deputy CTO during the Obama administration.

A three-stage approach to digitizing documents and workflows


A new report proposes a creative approach to modernizing document-based government services, making them accessible, inclusive, user-centric and mobile-friendly.

GSA’s 5-year plan prioritizes digital government


The strategy is predicated on the view that GSA must help agencies rebuild public trust through digital services.

Robin Carnahan on GSA’s role making ‘the damn websites work’


In an interview, Carnahan discusses the government's needs to serve Americans as they've come to expect in their daily lives, the need for greater tech talent in the government, and much more.

NCI’s Digital Services Center building system architecture as it goes


Experienced federal staff capable of drafting an implementation plan has been hard to come by.

The public sector’s path to modern customer identity and access management


To meet the expectations of users, reduce development time and eliminate potential security gaps, identity is key.