software licensing

House lawmakers introduce bill to overhaul how agencies buy software


The SAMOSA Act could significantly affect how federal agencies acquire software and IT services.

SAMOSA Act could increase large software providers’ monopoly powers say acquisition experts


IT acquisition specialists caution that the legislation could affect the choice of software services available to agencies over the long term.

Bill to consolidate federal agency software contracts expected to progress in Senate


If enacted, SAMOSAA would compel federal agencies to purchase unlimited software contracts and require greater product interoperability among Big Tech companies providing services to government.

Lawmakers float cost-saving legislation to mandate consolidation of federal agency software contracts


Work on the Strengthening Agency Management and Oversight of Software Assets Act is being led by committee chairman Sen. Gary Peters, D-MI.

FITARA grades hold steady almost a year into pandemic


All agencies managed to ace the software licensing metric, resulting in its retirement in favor of one gauging their telecommunications transitions.

Telework boom expanded an existing headache: keeping track of software licenses


More mobile devices, more updates to apps — agencies like the USDA and the Air Force are confronting how to keep track of what software is on what machine, and why.