Sen. Warner: Pentagon tech spending should be ‘reexamined’ post-COVID


Defense funding will likely be curtailed to address federal deficit increases, at a time when when investments in cybersecurity and 5G are needed to compete with China, the Virginia senator said.

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results are out, but will agencies use the data?


Among survey respondents, 48 percent reported reduced customer service during the partial government shutdown.

Trump, Congress put the brakes on shutdown with 3-week CR


The government will reopen for three weeks while leaders continue to hammer out a budget deal to fund 25 percent of the executive branch.

Shutdown impacts may be rippling beyond shuttered agencies


“How long can people work if they are not getting paid? That’s a question we’ve never tested to this level before. It is pretty scary,” said David Berteau, president of the Professional Services Council.

Gov Actually Episode 29: An Idea to Prevent Future Government Shutdowns


Gov Actually co-host Danny Werfel has an idea — one that he thinks could prevent future political budget debates from holding federal appropriations hostage.

Steny Hoyer launches website to gather public sentiment on the shutdown

by allows visitors to "support" or "oppose" funding bills passed by the House that would end the shutdown.