Gov Actually Episode 22: Government Shutdown 2018 — What you need to know, from firsthand experience

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If the Senate doesn’t approve the House’s short-term spending bill by midnight Friday night, the government will shut down.

Surely, that’s not the first you’ve heard of the impending shutdown — but do you know exactly what that means? Who reports during a shutdown? Why is the government at threat of shutting down? What are the consequences if it does? And what’s it like to be a government employee during a shutdown that drags on more than a few days?

In the first episode of Gov Actually in 2018, Dan Tangherlini and Danny Werfel — a pair of ex-senior government leaders who’ve faced shutdowns firsthand —answer all of those questions and more.

And even if the Senate somehow strikes a deal before midnight, the podcast is an invaluable tool to understand the inner workings of government appropriations for the next inevitable shutdown threat.

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