foreign policy

Biden calls for tech modernization to boost workforce at national security, foreign policy agencies


Agencies must recommend innovative ways of recruiting and retaining tech talent, as well as surging hiring during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

WikiLeaks posts multitude of malware in AKP email dump


A recently dumped cache of files and contact information by WikiLeaks, supposedly intended to oust officials representing Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, is full of harmful malware, according to​ anti-virus expert Dr. Vesselin Bontchev.

Why is State Department silent in the global encryption debate?


By "waffling" on the encryption issue, the White House has made it impossible for American diplomats to take a stance abroad, charge critics.

U.S. fighter jet blueprints stolen in South Korean breach


A massive, newly discovered data breach involving a total of 160 South Korean firms and government agencies has put unclassified US fighter jet blue prints in the hands of North Korean hackers.