Eric Swalwell

House is handling all floor documents electronically; Pelosi offers no word on remote voting


Staff will begin filing bills, resolutions, cosponsors and extensions of remarks to an email system starting Tuesday, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains opposed to conducting official business remotely.

The case for remote voting by Congress strengthens as more lawmakers quarantine


Independent resolutions in the House and Senate don't specify what technology might be used in each chamber, respectively.

Congressman reminds everyone about potential to do legislative work remotely


Rep. Eric Swalwell is reintroducing a bill that would "mandate the development of a secure remote voting system" for use in the House, but only on noncontroversial legislation.

Rep. Will Hurd named ranking member of House intel modernization subcommittee


The Texas Republican will meld his experience overseeing federal IT modernization and cybersecurity issues with his previous tenure on the House Intelligence Committee and background as a CIA agent.