Why Microsoft views quantum technology as a ‘big prize to go after’


It’s one of many U.S. companies prioritizing this emerging and potentially disruptive field.

White House launches plan to safeguard US infrastructure against quantum computers of the future


Future quantum computers might break much of the cryptography that currently protects modern digital communication on the internet. 

Federal court denies CACI bid protest over $774M encryption tech contract


The Army previously rejected the company's proposal because of concerns over design flaws and conflicts of interest rules.

Post-quantum cryptography oversight lacking for agencies


Agencies should be given a drop-dead date to submit plans for protecting their most sensitive data says one encryption expert.

Are agencies like Energy funding quantum technology wisely?


China is sitting on the encrypted data it exfiltrates, waiting for a quantum computer capable of cracking it. Post-quantum cryptography is one way to protect time-sensitive information, while some technologists are rooting for quantum key distribution.

Yubico replacing FIPS security keys used by feds


The company found a flaw in two versions of YubiKey FIPS Series devices that could affect cryptographic operations.