Securing applications is critical to securing the nation

What agency leaders should know when closing web application security gaps to keep public information and critical infrastructure secure.

Ransomware, malware and other cyber threats seek an entry point using increasingly sophisticated assault tactics, and legacy solutions are no longer enough to combat them. Attackers are also exploiting more publicly-accessible targets – typically, web applications such as websites, web services, online forms, shopping carts and more.

application security

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These applications are doorways leading to other systems and databases, and federal organizations are particularly at risk, highlights a new report from Invicti. The report also highlights research that shows that nearly half of cyberattacks were directed toward the government in the last year, and a significant portion of data breaches originated from web applications.

Securing applications is critical to securing the nation. “All Eyes on Security,” a new guide written by Invicti, discusses how agency leaders can develop security strategies that secure all web applications and services with automated scanning throughout the entire software development lifecycle. The guide highlights how to:

  • Benchmark an agency’s current security situation
  • Address pain points and obstacles
  • Understand the elements of a robust solution
  • Compare and select a comprehensive security solution
  • Meet compliance requirements

As the federal government modernizes its software development processes to speed up release cycles, better integrate security and meet federal cybersecurity mandates and standards – implementing solutions that take a comprehensive look at web application security should be a priority.

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