Report: Cyber bill could be revitalized

The incoming chairs of the House and Senate homeland security committees will meet Thursday to discuss revitalizing cybersecuity legislation in the next Congress, The Hill reports.

Rep. Michael McCall and Sen. Tom Carper will pick up this year’s failed efforts that twice saw cybersecurity legislation fail to pass a bill requiring companies that protect critical infrastructure to agree to a set of non-mandatory standards for cybersecurity.

“I think it’s very important that we move forward, trying to be as much on the same page as possible,” McCaul told The Hill. “I think the failure of this Congress is that the Senate [was] just completely operating in a different world than the House, and the more I can facilitate that relationship, and maybe try to get it as much on the same page as possible, we have a better chance for success [for] getting a bill passed.”

Carper was one of the co-sponsors of the original cybersecurity bill drafted by Sen. Joseph Lieberman that failed twice to get out of the Senate after coming under criticism from Republican leaders and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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