Acting GSA admin lays out priorities for 2013

Perhaps signaling his position is going to become permanent, Acting General Services Administration Administrator Dan Tangherlini outlined his six priorities for the coming year on Monday.

“As we begin a new calendar year together, I am confident we will continue to build upon the progress that we have already made and make GSA the model of efficiency and integrity for the entire federal government,” Tangherlini said.

Tangherlini’s priorities include:

  • Delivering better value and savings
  • Serving its partners
  • Expanding opportunities for small business
  • Making a more sustainable government
  • Leading with innovation and
  • Building a stronger GSA

“With all of these priorities in mind, GSA has a responsibility to the American people to carry out all of our activities, from our biggest purchases to our most routine leases, with integrity and the highest level of performance,” Tangherlini said on the agency’s blog. “I look forward to discussing these priorities with you, both in the workplace and on Chatter, in the weeks and months ahead. In 2013, working together, we can continue to improve GSA and find ways to offer even better service to our partner agencies and the American people.”

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