Dan Tangherlini

Gov Actually Episode 36: The biggest challenges facing America’s governments


Terry Gerton, president of the National Academy of Public Administration, joins Gov Actually to discuss her academy's new Grand Challenges.

Gov Actually Episode 32: USDA’s relocation, and a conversation on government modernization


This is an episode of Gov Actually about moving ... sort of. USDA is relocating.

Gov Actually Episode 29: An Idea to Prevent Future Government Shutdowns


Gov Actually co-host Danny Werfel has an idea — one that he thinks could prevent future political budget debates from holding federal appropriations hostage.

Gov Actually Episode 20: The other side of Trump’s tax reform


The podcast discusses the bill not with a political lens or by diving into how it affects the deficit but rather from a perspective of whether it is "administerable."

Gov Actually Episode 10: ‘What have we learned?’


What better time to recap the past few months of Gov Actually and the transitions underway in the federal government than with the podcast's 10th episode?

Gov Actually Episode 9: Can innovation survive federal downsizing?


In this episode of Gov Actually, Phaedra Chrousos joins hosts Danny Werfel and Dan Tangherlini to discuss federal innovation and whether the recent moves of the current administration will extinguish that spark.