Federal workers to protest sequestration March 20

Federal employees plan to hold approximately 100 rallies on March 20 to protest sequestration.

The rallies will be held nationwide outside federal agencies and lawmakers officers and are being organized by the American Federation of Government Employees.

“Our message is very clear: sequestration has got to go,” American Federation of Government Employees National President David Cox said. “If federal employees are furloughed without pay, if offices and plants are shut down, if vacancies aren’t filled because of these across-the-board budget cuts, then federal employees won’t be able to do the work that the American public expects them to do.”

AFGE is organizing the National Day of Protest with help from the AFL-CIO, including state federations and central labor councils; Americans for Tax Fairness; and the Alliance for Retired Americans.


“In many towns and cities, the federal government is one of the largest employers – if not the largest employer – and is a major economic driver,” Cox said. “Sequestration will force more than a million federal workers to take pay cuts of between 20 and 40 percent between now and the end of September. Less money in their pockets means less money to spend locally on food, clothing and other goods and services.”

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