Navy taking new steps on software development modernization

The Navy is standing up a new team of software experts tasked with examining the department's state of development.
(U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released)

The Department of the Navy has established a team to take stock of its software tools to try and streamline its ability to write code.

A new cross-functional team will take steps that include completing an inventory of the department’s software factories, and reviewing development standards. The team will also write new policy to determine what products are best to use when developing code, according to Navy spokeswoman Sandra Gall.

The goal is to help modernize how the department creates software and implements its broader IT strategy, which is known as the DON Information Superiority Vision.

“Establishment of this team supports DON strategic intent to provide mission-driven and user-focused software that is deployed at the speed of relevance to our sailors and Marines,” Gall told FedScoop.


The Navy declined to provide a copy of the full memo that created the team, citing its designation as a document for internal use only.

The new cross-functional team will also work to update training materials on DevSecOps, a set of coding practices that aim to bake security into the development process. It remains unclear what the timeline is for the team’s work, but the new draft policy should be codified by fiscal 2022.

The Navy has been building its own DevSecOps envionrment, dubbed “Black Pearl.” Its first cohort of users joined during a soft launch in fall last year.

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