Department of Navy

Navy CISO on the service’s integrated approach to zero trust


Tony Plater says cyber readiness coupled with a continued zero trust journey better protects data and information wherever it resides.

TSP financial systems modernization; Zero trust cultural shifts; CMMC 2.0 begins rolling out


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, former DOD and Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board’s Kim Weaver and former CIA official Ron Marks.

Veterans Benefits Administration CFO Charles Tapp II; Supply chain impact on DOD readiness


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, VBA CFO Charles Tapp II on how his organization is managing $150 billion of benefits delivered to veterans yearly. LMI’s Pat Tamburrino explains how the supply chain is an integral factor for readiness in the Department of Defense and civilian agencies.

Navy developing lasers to counter growing number of UAS in Middle East


The Navy's Fifth Fleet is using lasers and drones of its own to deter and stop an increase in adversarial robotic systems.

Navy not reaching ‘full potential’ on emerging tech, says top admiral


The Navy has failed in adopting modern and emerging technologies and facing broad cultural and leadership challenges across the force, Adm. Michael Gilday said Tuesday.

Office 365 collaboration tools now available across Navy


The Navy has all 472,000 users on new O365 collaboration tools, but is still working on getting 272,000 of them access to a new email platform.