Mikulski joins chorus in calling for cyber executive order

2012_09_barbaramikulski Senator Barabara Mikulski (Photo: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Bill Hrybyk)

Maryland Senator Barabara Mikulski is the latest member of Congress urging President Obama to issue an executive order on cybersecurity.

Mikulski was one of the co-sponsors of the Cybersecurity Act that the executive order is expected to be based off of.


“I remain a strong advocate for the bill and hope that it will one day be passed by the Senate,” she wrote in a letter sent last week and released publicly on Thursday. “However, the need for better protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure cannot wait for Senate procedures and politics to work themselves out — we must act now to safeguard our country from potentially devastating attacks to our power grid, financial systems and other vital infrastructure.”

Mikulski said she remains committed to passing legislation to authorize the information-sharing provisions as “soon as possible,” but noted the president shouldn’t wait for Congress to act.

“I believe that information-sharing is critical to better protection of our nation’s intellectual property, secrets and data, which are being pilfered by foreign actors and cybercriminals as we speak,” she wrote.

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