McAfee’s Mike Carpenter on cyber challenges

Mike Carpenter, president, North American sales, McAfee, discusses cybersecurity challenges in this interview with FedScoopTV.

On cyber challenges:

I think the largest cyber threat facing the government has to do with integration and communication. The one value the government has is, there’s this large concern and understanding of the threat. There’s a lot of technology investments being made and there’s a vast amount of expertise in dealing with cyber threats. However, being able to tie the information together and being able to tie the tools together, and being able to leverage these assets that exist in the intelligence community with the assets that exist in the defense community with the assets that exist in the civilian community pulls a challenge. Although I think the resources are there, I think the biggest obstacle they’re going to have is being able to pull that information together and pull that vast set of assets together to help solve the problem.

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