Lieberman: Cyber order signed within a month

2012_09_joelieberman Senator Joseph Lieberman (Photo: U.S Embassy Kabul Afghanistan)

Senator Joseph Lieberman predicts the cybersecurity executive order will be signed within the next month.

Lieberman said on “Platts Energy Week” the executive order, though, would lack the legal authority to achieve the aspects of Lieberman’s Cybersecurity Act, which was voted down in Congress this past August.


Lieberman’s statement comes after a White House spokesperson told The Hill that a bipartisan group of Senate aids met on Friday to discuss the executive order.

“The process of developing an Executive Order will take time, as we believe that it must take into account the views of our partners in the private sector and the Congress,” Caitlin Hayden told The Hill. “We have started reaching out to both the private sector and Congress and we look forward to gaining their input. Given the gravity of the threats we face in cyberspace, we want to get this right in addition to getting it done swiftly.”

The cybersecurity executive order is expected to include a number of the provisions include in Lieberman’s Cybersecurity Act where private sector companies will voluntarily meet certain standards in dealing with the nation’s critical infrastructure.

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