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Kay Kapoor

Founder and CEO, Arya Technologies

Big things are on the horizon for Kay Kapoor. As the founder and CEO of newly launched Arya Technologies, she’s looking to meet the “end-to-end” tech needs of federal agencies. Kapoor comes to the new role from AT&T, where her team won massive contracts under the nationwide FirstNet emergency response network and the governmentwide Enterprise Infrastructure Services telecom program. She told FedScoop that finding success as a tech executive stems from embracing her womanhood. “In the early days, I was asked to ‘be like a man,’” Kapoor said. “Very quickly I figured out that I had my own individuality and I brought my own viewpoint to the equation. Women possess unique skills of intuition and empathy that we should not leave behind at home. These skills allow us to connect better with our customers and our employees. When we harness these skills along with hard skills of math, science, and data-driven measures, we can bring forth a better business outcome.”

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