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Beth Angerman

Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement, GSA

Beth Angerman knows the pace of technological evolution is faster than the typical machinations of government. As the leader of GSA’s Unified Shared Service Management Office — and its newest iteration, the Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement — part of her job is telling people that what they know is probably outdated.

“That’s hard for people in government to understand, but technology is changing so quickly that by the time we explain what the robots can do, industry has already moved past robots and are on to next innovation,” she told FedScoop. “The pace is exciting but can also be exhausting and frustrating, so it’s important to stay focused and figure out creative ways to have quick wins.”

The industry’s approach to women in leadership roles is also evolving quickly, Angerman told FedScoop, because “women are telling their stories about how they’re driving change through the use of better technology.”

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