FTC website has new look

2013_12_ftc.gov_In the same year as its 100th anniversary, the Federal Trade Commission launched a redesigned The site is now easier to use on tablets and smartphones, with enhanced sort and filter functionality.

“The revised site provides better access to information about us and our efforts to protect consumers and promote competition,” Nat Wood, overhaul team leader, wrote on the agency’s new blog, “Competition Matters.” The blog will highlights news and events in the Bureau of Competition, as well as other offices.

Users can now organize FTC cases, early termination notices for merger investigations, advocacy filings and other documents by date, type, and more on the revised site. Details about FTC job openings, and an updated event calendar will provide more resources to consumers and stakeholders, according to a release on the FTC site.

The redesigned site lets users find biographical information and select publications by FTC economists, report fraud or other computer problems with the improved Compliant Assistant, and also subscribe to get emails with “featured content.”


Debbie Feinstein, director of the Bureau of Competition, says she hopes “Competition Matters” will become the go-to spot for the latest insights and events from the Bureau of Competition, the Bureau of Economics, and the Office of Policy Planning.

“Along the way, we’ll highlight offerings by competition folks throughout the agency that may not get front page attention,” Feinstein said in a statement. “So if you’re a bit wonky about antitrust, or just want to better understand the FTC’s competition work, read along–you’re among friends.”

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