FedWire: Cloud computing, IRS IT and lasers

2013_04_fedwire2001FedWire is FedScoop’s afternoon roundup of news and notes from the federal IT community. Send your links and videos to

Today’s weather report from the Education Department? Cloudy with a chance of data. Richard Culatta, deputy director of the Office of Educational Technology at DoEd, puts cloud computing in layman’s terms for those of us who either don’t know, would like the refresher or want to share with some technologically challenged friends.

Battlefield spectrum support from DISA.

NIST conference to discuss safeguarding health information through HIPAA Security. The agency will be doing another workshop on cybersecurity as well.


Ash Carter: DOD will prevail through uncertainty.

GAO: IRS and information technology improvements.

Some general officer announcements.

NIEM 3.0 Alpha 2 release.

The evolving cyber battlefield.


Equipment of the week from PEO Soldier.

FTC seeks input on privacy and security implications of the “Internet of things.”

Shooting down drones with … lasers? Awesome.

Wounded Warrior soldiers ride


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