DISA rolls out new DOD personnel directory

The Defense Information Systems Agency has rolled out new enterprise white pages that will provide an internal listing of all Defense Department personnel, DISA announced Tuesday.

Any department user with a valid Common Access Card or an External Certification Authority certificate may access the directory via the Internet or DOD’s NIPRnet.

The Defense Manpower Data Center’s Person Data Repository, also known as the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, and DISA’s Global Directory Service, will maintain the white pages.

This new service will replace the DOD’s Joint Enterprise Directory Services, which will be shut down in late 2013.


According to DISA, the white pages will be the first solution to take a persona-based approach that will allow users to perform searches on attributes specific to a person’s role within the department, such as military civilian or contractor. Users can also search via traditional indicators such as name and email address.

The following capabilities are available via the DOD Enterprise White Pages:


  • Basic search by last name, first name, middle initial and personnel type.
  • Advanced search by work email, rank and duty organization.
  • Searches for individuals return a list of persona-based results.
  • The search results interface allows users to sort results according to name, personnel type, branch, duty organization and duty location.
  • Names appear as hyperlinks that lead to an individual’s contact card.
  • Contact cards use a tabbing feature to separate an individual’s contact and organizational information by persona.

Download persona data:

  • Download individual public key email certificates for DOD personas returned via the search mechanism. Using a link at the lower right of a contact card, users can download and save that person’s email certificate, and then immediately send that person encrypted emails via Microsoft Outlook.
  • Download persona data as vCard/electronic business card.

Share a contact card with others:

  • To share contact information with others, users can send a direct link to any contact card.

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