DHS Warns of Malware Attack


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The Department of Homeland Security is warning citizens to take action and protect themselves from the DNSChanger malware that has infected more than four million computers in 100 countries.

DHS Under Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate Rand Beers said there were still more than 84,000 infected computers within the United States, many of whom may not even know.

“I encourage everyone to keep your operating system, browser, and other critical software optimized by installing updates,” he said. “And, you can assess your own computer’s susceptibility for the DNSChanger malware at the industry-wide DNSChanger Working Group website.”

Beers said DHS has reached out to enable a private sector nonprofit, the Internet Services Corporation, to assist users whose computers have been infected by the DNSChanger malware by maintaining “clean” DNS servers that support safer Web browsing. These servers will allow those affected by the malware to clean their affected computers and restore their normal DNS settings.

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