DHS looking for tech to alert on sex offenders who’ve crossed the border

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The Trump administration has vowed to crack down on illegal immigrants in the U.S., particularly those with violent records for things like sex crimes.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking for new technology to alert other law enforcement officials when they release registered sex offenders.

ICE issued a request for information Thursday “requesting third party support to develop the functionality within [the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems] that will add information on the nature of the crimes associated with a registered sex offender when ICE distributes a [Law Enforcement Notification System] message at the time of that alien’s release.”

According to the RFI, in addition to providing supplemental information on a released person’s sex related offense data, the contracted system must also distribute collections of sex offender notifications to subscribed agencies and allow users to query the National Crime Information Center to check someone’s criminal history for a register sex offender flag, among other things.

“Sex Offender Notifications are to include, at a minimum, key biographic identifiers, release date, and specific crime information (i.e., NCIC code and description) from the alien’s Rap Sheet,” the RFI reads.

Potential contractors would have to “provide all application development, hardware, software, and documentation.”

ICE asks interested vendors to provide information on their interest and capabilities, but the RFI provides no actual response form.

Though the RFI doesn’t guarantee an eventual solicitation, it suggests the agency is interested in contracting for and wants information on industry capabilities.

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