IT Insights: Interview with AWS federal director Brett McMillen

AWS director highlights how U.S. Census Bureau capitalized on advances in cloud computing.
Census Bureau
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Brett McMillen has devoted most of his career helping government harness information technology and tackle innovative initiatives. Since joining Amazon Web Services 10 years ago, he’s also played a contributing role to the rise of cloud computing in government.

Among other projects, he’s helped make the 1,000 Genome Project available as public datasets. He helped the Department of Veterans Affairs integrate more than 200 previously distinct websites and services to implement the portal. He was part of the team that helped develop a facial recognition program that Customs and Border Protection uses to improve airport security. And he worked with federal officials to obtain FedRAMP certification for AWS’s government cloud services.

Today, as Director of U.S. Federal at Amazon Web Services, McMillen sees AWS’s experience in helping federal agencies take advantage of the cloud as important as the technology itself.

In this exclusive FedScoop interview, McMillen talks about how the U.S. Census Bureau offers an example of ways that government is taking advantage of recent advances in the capabilities of the cloud:

FedScoop:  Where are you seeing noteworthy progress or success in the way government is taking advantage of technology advances, like those offered by your company?



FedScoop: What critical steps did that the Census Bureau take to address those issues?



FedScoop: What were the major outcomes and lessons gleaned from the Census Bureau’s efforts that other agencies could learn from?



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