Shaun Bierweiler

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Public Sector, Riverbed Technology

Shaun Bierweiler joined Riverbed Technology last October amid the ongoing pandemic and had to begin leading without meeting most of his team in person. Despite the inability to gather physically, Bierweiler said he feels like he’s gotten to know the workforce quite well, because there was a level of personal touch in meeting his colleagues on video calls from their homes that he wouldn’t have gotten in an office. “You can’t be professional all the time — if you are, you’re a boss, not a leader. And so having that dynamic and that development, this really helps to accelerate that, that bonding,” he said of the one-on-one virtual meetings he had with members across the company. “And so it’s like a quick crash course of getting to know each other — seeing their background, seeing what’s going on behind them, hearing the noise in the back, it kind of helps you get a better sense of who they are, where they’re from.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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