John Sherman

John Sherman has been leading the Department of Defense IT shop in an acting capacity since January. Since then, he has steered the department clear of major cyber breaches targeted at the U.S. government, like the sweeping SolarWinds hacking campaign. He has also managed the DOD transition away from the temporary Commercial Virtual Remote environment to support telework into the long-term telework and in-person cloud-based office productivity environment DOD365. “The rollout of the DOD365 collaboration and productivity suite that is currently underway was easily our biggest accomplishment this year. It has been a huge effort, led and facilitated by our team here” and many other partners across the DOD, he said. Sherman leads the CIO shop at a time when it is working to transition to a zero-trust cybersecurity paradigm, a change he has been promoting for years. 

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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