Rob Carey

There are many qualities of a great leader, said Rob Carey, but one stands out as most important: being a good listener. “To be able to know that as a leader, that one does not know everything, and must in fact absorb ideas from others to be successful (and make them feel heard) is vital,” Carey said. “Similarly, recognizing when to speak and when to listen are powerful attributes for leading at any level.” As president of Cloudera Government Solutions, Carey said he isn’t focused on selling software but rather “partnering with an agency by providing operational solutions they can use every day.” And being a good listener and communicator is key to that, both in leading his team and serving customers. “As we communicate our role in managing the movement of data, hybrid data management and helping agencies with a wide array of use cases like cybersecurity, fraud detection, predictive analytics etc., our team understands the partnership role we play with our customers.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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