Raj Iyer

Listening to the workforce and empowering them to make changes are the qualities of a good leader, said Raj Iyer. Having released a plan to digitally transform and build a data-centric Army last year, Iyer values ideas of the workforce, which will enforce positive change and innovation. Iyer has learned to be less risk-averse and allow change to flow from the bottom up. “Teaching and empowering others to manage change for risk appetite,” he said as one of the biggest lessons he’s learned since joining the federal government. “Often in the federal government we see organizations where innovation is stifled because leadership is risk-averse and comfortable in a culture of compliance bureaucracy. This makes it exceedingly difficult to carry out experimentation and experience breakthroughs due to longstanding roadblocks to modernization.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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