Dan Davis

Empathetic leadership was a major theme in Dan Davis’ leadership during the last year. “We all faced unprecedented circumstances that justifiably warranted an emphasis on empathy broadly across our teams. We all realized if we wanted to keep moving forward and serving our customers we needed to truly embrace empathetic leadership,” he said. “It was refreshing to see how quickly both our team and our customers made this shift and partnered together to deliver new levels of service and innovative solutions to work from anywhere. It’s this type of cultural resilience and organizational agility that makes this industry so strong and an exciting area to work and lead.” Davis also placed a new focus on mentoring. “I have multiple mentees that I schedule time with on a quarterly basis now and I can honestly say I truly enjoy seeing the faces of the people who will be the next leaders of this great organization.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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