Bo Berlas

CISO, General Services Administration

Bo Berlas has climbed the ladder to the top as an IT security official during his nearly 20 years at the General Services Administration. He joined the agency as a senior IT specialist in 2002 and has served as chief information security officer since last May. During that time, he’s learned that anyone can be a leader, “but it takes a little bit more to effectively achieve good leadership,” he told FedScoop. To do so, good leaders focus on purpose, prioritizing resources and understanding that people are an organization’s greatest asset. “No one can ever do it alone,” Berlas said. “Fundamentally speaking, it’s a team-based sport, especially in IT and more so in cyber. We must form the right team and the right culture and value diversity of thought, diversity of experiences and learning to effectively involve everyone from the bottom up.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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