White House to nominate Rob Shriver for OPM deputy director role

Rob Harley Shriver III is currently the associate director for employee services at the agency.
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The Biden administration will nominate Rob Harley Shriver III as deputy director of the Office of Personnel Management.

In a press release Wednesday, the White House announced its intent to support Shriver’s appointment to the post, in which role he will lead the agency’s governmentwide workforce policy team.

If confirmed, he will step into the a role that has remained vacant since the departure of Michael Rigas in January 2021.

Shriver’s portfolio will include recruiting and hiring, pay and leave, strategic workforce planning, labor and employee relations, and performance management. He will also be responsible for issues relating to the Senior Executive Service, work-life and the future of work.


Shriver is currently the associate director for employee services at the agency. Previously, he was deputy general counsel for policy during the Obama administration. He also worked in the role of assistant director of National Healthcare Operations, where he led the implementation of the multi-state plan program under the Affordable Care Act.

Outside federal government, he has served in policy and operations role at the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority. In this position he oversaw the complete rebuild of the districts marketplace IT system.

Earlier in his career, Shriver was assistant counsel for the National Treasury Employees Union.

John Hewitt Jones

Written by John Hewitt Jones

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