White House establishes presence on Drupal


The White House has established an official presence on Drupal.

Peter Welsch, deputy director of online platforms for the Office of Digital Strategy, said in a blog post that the White House is working with the Drupal community to help improve “We the People,” the White House’s online petition system.

He said in the coming months, the White House hopes to release a “white label” theme for the “We the People” site to make it easier for others to re-use the code and set up their own petition systems.


“While an open source approach isn’t the right solution for every software need, using and contributing back to open source software is one way that we’re making it easier for the government to share data, improve tools and services, and return value to taxpayers,” Welsch said. “That’s why President Obama’s Digital Government Strategy encourages departments and agencies to participate in open source communities and adopt open source platforms.”

The White House has been active on GitHub where it released the code for “We the People” and its mobile apps. Welsch said the White House will continue to use GitHub and work with the community there as well.

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