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I am thrilled to announce the launch of FedScoop’s blog as the New Year is set to begin. With the coming year our industry and the country as a whole will see many changes. We can expect new faces, new procurements, new mandates, new challenges and of course with all of that will come new opportunities.

This blog is intended to be a platform for government and industry to use to communicate and collaborate with each other. I will be posting daily hot headlines, and our Weekly Scoop. But in addition to my entries, I am excited to announce we will be having weekly VIP guest contributors. Starting off with Dan Mintz CIO of DOT, who will be our first and last guest contributor in 2008. We will then kick off the 2009 New Year with a special article from Casey Coleman CIO of GSA.

I hope to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can make this a tool that helps you get the information you need to succeed.

I wish you all much success in 2009!

Best Regards,

Goldy Kamali

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