White House Launches Veterans Job Tool


The White House announced the launch of the Veterans Job Bank aimed at delivering job listings directly to veterans via a search widget combining job boards, social media platforms and corporate employment sites. The tool, accessible on all federal government websites for veterans launched Monday, November 7.

“This endeavor embodies the spirit of the Obama Administration’s Open Innovation approach to tackling problems, as this new widget is entirely the result of voluntary public and private sector collaboration,” U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra wrote on the White House blog. “Starting with Google’s custom search team, the Veterans Job Bank was conceived and then implemented in less than 90 days.”

The widget is powered by the an open web standard developed through a collaboration of private-sector companies including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

“President Obama came to office firmly believing in a ‘bottom-up’ theory of change,” Chopra wrote. “He tasked us on his first full day with helping to usher in a more open government. Making job listings on the Web a bit more machine-readable furthers that vision by catalyzing even more opportunities for innovation. Thanks to our growing roster of partners, I’m confident we will invent our way to a better employment system. Stay tuned as we report back in 30 days.”