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Leveraging high-speed, distributed cloud environments to harness AI-from-anywhere

The ability for public sector agencies to capitalize on today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools depends on assembling and analyzing data rapidly and reliably from multiple locations. That is why a growing number of agencies are using the joint capabilities of data centers and high-speed networks to process and analyze today’s massive volumes of data in real time to deliver faster and more meaningful mission outcomes.

In an exclusive FedScoop interview, Defense Intelligence Agency Chief Information Officer Ramesh Menon, Equinix senior fellow Kaladhar Voruganti and Verizon Wireless’ managing partner of federal government and public safety, Bryan Schromsky, discuss how to assemble and analyze massive amounts of data effectively using robust AI programs. 

Voruganti also highlights AI-from-anywhere and how to fully deliver the value of data privately and securely. 

Watch the full discussion and learn more about taking advantage of real time data analytics with more robust AI programs.

This video panel discussion was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by Equinix and Verizon.