Federal Employees Donate 5.7 Million Pounds of Food

Federal employees donated a record 5.7 million pounds of nonperishable food items for the 2011 Feds Feed Families food drive, approximately 64,000 pounds for each day of the drive, the Office of Personnel Management announced.

“Feds Feed Families was a resounding success,” said OPM Director John Berry who will speak at FedTalks 2011 on October 11. “This year’s goal was 2 million pounds and federal employees opened up their hearts to deliver an astounding record total of food items and other essentials. This is just one more reminder of the generosity of federal employees. Over the last few decades, federal employees have given billions of dollars to charity, and they always deliver when called to action. Thank you to every federal worker who donated.”

Employees from more than 40 agencies donated to the program with Department of Defense leading the way with more than two million pounds. Department of Agriculture employees donated nearly 1.8 million pounds.

Giving by agency size:



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(Source: YouTube)