Agility and analytics drive smarter government (VIDEO)


The key for the government to become more agile is increased analytics that can better harness the large amounts of data that the government collects, said Sandy Krawchuk, vice president of systems sales, U.S. Federal IMT at IBM, in an interview with FedScoopTV.

Krawchuk said the government needs the analytic capability to properly analyze the data that comes from all of the government’s delivery systems from transportation to energy use to national security.

“Think if we had a way to analyze all of the video surveillance data from the Department of Interior casinos,” Krawchuck said. “Things like that would help us improve delivery and reduce risk, preventing fraud and abuse.”

Krawchuk said the digital strategy – released in May by U.S. Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel – was a great step in this direction, calling it a document with “impressive potential” that comes from a customer-centric viewpoint.

“The digital strategy calls for a change in culture for procurement protocols that finally takes advantage of what the private sector is doing and gives the federal government a stronger digital footprint,” she said.

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