Best places to work: Top 10 midsized federal agencies

For the fourth year in a row, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was named the “Best Place to Work in the Federal Government” among medium-sized agencies.

The rankings come from a recent report by the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte, which uses data gleaned from the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey as well as their own interviews to develop the annual list. Researchers used responses to three questions to generate an index out of 100 points.

Last year, Washingtonian magazine included FDIC as one of its “50 Great Places to Work.” The publication noted the agency moved from one of the worst agencies on the Partnership for Public Service list to among the best. “Factors fueling the turnaround include better communication with employees and the agency’s renewed sense of purpose — protecting US financial assets — in the wake of Wall Street turmoil,” according to the publication


Rank Agency 2014 2013 Change
1 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 82.3 82.3 0.0
2 Government Accountability Office 77.2 74.4 2.80
3 Smithsonian Institution 76.9 77.2 -0.30
4 Federal Trade Commission 73.7 73.8 -0.10
5 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 73.3 71.6 1.70
6 Nuclear Regulatory Commission 72.9 73.8 -0.90
7 National Credit Union Administration 69.4 65.8 3.60
8 Architect of the Capitol 67.8 n/a 0.00
9 Federal Communications Commission 67.4 71.3 -3.90
10 Office of Personnel Management 67.1 67.6 -0.50


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