Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 17 — A guide to Zero Trust, featuring CISA’s Sean Connelly


Sean Connelly joins Let's Talk About IT to discuss federal efforts to move to a zero-trust security model.

The pandemic isn’t the only thing pushing CIOs to modernize IT


Many needs predate the global crisis, according to the Professional Services Council, and will need attention moving forward.

Industry urges agencies to accelerate zero trust adoption after SolarWinds hack


Zero-trust security couldn't stop the SolarWinds hack, but it could, and did, mitigate the damage, according to cyber experts.

How the DOD is leading the charge on zero trust


A look at the DOD's leading push to zero trust.

Authentication tools alone will not be enough to secure networks


Remote work conditions underlined deficiencies in PIV authentication, and the need for dynamic authentication to improve zero-trust security.