White House Coronavirus Task Force

HHS seeks formal approval for emergency COVID-19 portal


The HHS Teletracking COVID-19 Portal was introduced in July as a way for about 5,500 hospitals to directly report requested data on the virus.

HHS changed its business model in building the White House coronavirus system


HHS Protect currently collects more than 200 data sets from every state and territory. A lot of commercial off-the-shelf technology is involved.

VA is latest to turn to Palantir as agencies hone real-time coronavirus surveillance systems


The nearly $5 million contract covers a subscription to the Gotham data-sharing software. The Veterans Health Administration will use it to track and analyze COVID-19 outbreak areas.

Agencies need better ‘consistency’ to move faster in pandemic response, Federal CIO says


Suzette Kent applauded many of the changes agencies have made to face the coronavirus, but said more collaboration is key to continued success.

HHS cites coronavirus ‘urgency’ in speedy Palantir contract awards


The department cited the "unusual and compelling urgency" of the pandemic in awarding two HHS Protect system contracts without competition.

How the U.S. Digital Service is helping during the coronavirus pandemic


The USDS has some team members embedded in the White House Coronavirus Task Force and is pitching in at the state and local levels, among other things.