weapons systems

DOD still lags in delivering software for weapons systems in a timely manner, says GAO


A majority of DOD weapons programs surveyed by GAO took much longer to deliver new software than the industry standard, sometimes more than a year.

Air Force to bring top-secret data into the mix in next weapons system hackathon


The next BRAVO hackthon will be run at three classification levels sometime this summer.

DOD is actually doing a good job in keeping some of its weapons secure


Each branch of the military and U.S. Special Operations Command demonstrated timely analysis and reaction to cyberthreats, which earned them a pat-on-the-back from the DOD IG.

‘Agile’ is not quite agile for DOD, and other familiar acquisition problems persist, watchdog finds


The DOD is still finding itself in common traps: lacking cybersecurity, cost overruns and slow software development, according to an annual GAO report.

Military’s AI hub is ready to think about war, Gen. Shanahan says on last day at Pentagon


The JAIC is ready to bring AI to the battlefield through its Joint Warfighting mission initiative, the leader of the center said on his last day before retiring from the Air Force.

New NSA cyber directorate prioritizes standards for security of military’s emerging tech


Director Anne Neuberger said the directorate is putting a renewed focus on developing security standards, particularly around emerging tech like 5G, cloud, distributed ledger and more.